call alert


Never miss an urgent phone call again. Call Alert allows you to know when someone is calling you because it's urgent. When someone is reaching out to you they are counting on you to answer that call. Call Alert will let you know that when a call comes through urgent, you will know.

Never hear "If I knew it was urgent I would have answered your call"

What if someone is in a bad situation and they need YOU!?

The app is free to install and free to receive incoming calls from other Call Alert users. If you want to make calls using Call Alert then you need to purchase minutes and minutes are sold in the following packages:

$0.99 for 30 minutes

$1.99 for 60 minutes

$2.99 for 100 minutes

Minutes only expire as you use them for outgoing calls. This is something we want everyone to have and that it is only paid for as used which is why we don't charge for anything other than the minutes you use. 

In a crisis situation, Call Alert is something you will be glad you have at your disposal.