Call Alert

Save Lives

How many times have you said or heard "If I knew it was urgent I would have answered your call? How many times have we heard our phones ring and then silence them because we were busy? What if we had the ability of knowing that an incoming call was urgent? Imagine the difference it would make if no urgent phone call went unanswered.

Call Alert will allow its users to know someone has an urgent phone call for them. 

Be there for your loved ones when they need you. Be there for the Veteran that is struggling with thoughts of suicide, or the friend that struggles with a drug addiction. What if they knew there was someone they could call that would be there for them, and know what that kind of call means. It's an option not previously available, but brought to you now by MYRB Tek.

We hope you never need to use Call Alert, but it is something you want to have at your disposal in case you need it. Plus you want to keep yourself as an option for your family and friends in case you are their go to person when they are in need.

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Call Alert will be available for download in the apple app store soon.

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